Processors overview

Document AI currently offers the following document processors:

Solution Processor Description Public access Limited access
General Document OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Identify and extract text in different types of documents.
Form parser Extract form elements such as text and checkboxes.
Document splitter Programmatically split documents on logical boundaries.
Lending 1003 parser Extract over 50 fields from Fannie Mae Form 1003 (URLA).
1040 parser Extract from Form 1040, including name, filing status, amounts, etc.
1040 Schedule C parser Extract from Form 1040 Schedule C, including name, year, etc.
1099-DIV parser Extract from Form 1099-DIV, including account number, qualified dividends, federal income tax withheld, etc.
1099-G parser Extract from Form 1099-G.
1099-INT parser Extract from Form 1099-INT.
1099-MISC parser Extract from Form 1099-MISC, including payer, recipient, amounts, etc.
Bank statement parser Extract from bank statements including name, account, transactions, etc.
Pay slip parser Extract from pay slips, including name, business, amounts, etc.
W2 parser Extract from Form W2, including employee, employer, wages, etc.
W9 parser Extract from Form W9 including name, address, TIN, etc.
Lending document splitter & classifier Identify documents in a large file and classify known lending document types.
Procurement Invoice parser Extract text and values from invoices such as invoice number, supplier name, invoice amount, tax amount, invoice date, due date.
Expense parser Extract text and values from expense documents such as expense date, supplier name, total amount, and currency.
Utility parser Extract text and values from utility bills such as supplier name and previous paid amount.
Procurement document splitter & classifier Procurement document splitter allows you to programmatically split these combined procurement documents on logical boundaries.