Updating your domain's name servers

After you create a managed zone, you can change the name servers that are associated with your domain registration to point to the Google Cloud DNS name servers. The process will differ by domain registrar provider and you should consult the documentation for your provider to determine how to make the name server change.

If you don't already have a domain name, you can create and register a new domain name at Google Domains, or you can use a third-party domain name registrar.

Look up your Cloud DNS name servers

You will need to determine the name servers that have been associated with your managed zone. Different managed zones will have different name servers. You can determine your name servers in the Cloud Platform Console by navigating to your managed zone and clicking the "Registrar Setup" link in the upper right corner.

You can also find your managed zone's name servers using the gcloud command-line tool. Try the following command:

gcloud dns managed-zones describe [EXAMPLE_ZONE]

This command returns the list of name servers that are configured to serve DNS queries for your zone.

Change your domain registrar's name servers for your domain

Now that you have the list of name servers hosting your managed zone, you should update the NS records for your domain with your registrar. You will typically provide at least two name servers. To benefit from Cloud DNS' high availability, you must use all name servers.

After changing your domain registrar's name servers, it can take a while for resolver traffic to be directed to your new Cloud DNS name servers. Resolvers could continue to use your old name servers until the TTL on the old NS records expire.

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