Provides utility methods used by modules in the FTS API stub.

Contents, fields, document)source

Add the id and fields to document.

  • doc_id – The document id.

  • fields – List of tuples of field name, value and optionally type.

  • document – The document to add the fields to.

Returns millisecond epoch time for a date or datetime., field_name)source

Find and return all fields with the provided name in the document., field_name)source, field_name, return_type=None)source

Find and return the field with the provided name and type., ordered_dictionary)source

Generates an unambiguous representation for instance and ordered dict., depth=0)source

Generate a string representation of an ANTLR parse tree for debugging.


Bases: exceptions.Exception

Indicates attempt to perform an action unsupported on the dev server.

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