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google.appengine.api.apiproxy_rpc module


Base class for implementing RPC of API proxy stubs.


class google.appengine.api.apiproxy_rpc.RPC(package=None, call=None, request=None, response=None, callback=None, deadline=None, stub=None)source

Bases: object

Base class for implementing RPC of API proxy stubs.

To implement a RPC to make real asynchronous API call:
  • Extend this class.

  • Override _MakeCallImpl and/or _WaitImpl to do a real asynchronous call.


If there was an exception, raise it now.


Exception of the API call or the callback, if any.


Make a shallow copy of this instances attributes, excluding methods.

This is usually used when an RPC has been specified with some configuration options and is being used as a template for multiple RPCs outside of a developer’s easy control.

IDLE = 0
MakeCall(package=None, call=None, request=None, response=None, callback=None, deadline=None)source

Makes an asynchronous (i.e. non-blocking) API call within the specified package for the specified call method.

It will call the _MakeRealCall to do the real job.


as constructor; see __init__. (Same) –

  • TypeError or AssertionError if an argument is of an invalid type.

  • AssertionError or RuntimeError is an RPC is already in use.


Waits on the API call associated with this RPC.