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google.appengine.ext.bulkload package


Bulkload package: Helpers for both bulkloader and bulkload_client.

For complete documentation, see the Tools and Libraries section of the documentation.

This package contains two separate systems:
  • The historical and deprecated bulkload/bulkload_client server mix-in, in the `bulkload.bulkload` module; exposed here for backwards compatibility.

  • New helpers for the bulkloader client (appengine/tools/ Many of these helpers can also run on the server though there is not (as of January 2010) any support for using them there.

Sub Modules


DEPRECATED mix-in handler for bulk loading data into an application.


Bulkloader Config Parser and runner.


Exceptions raised by bulkloader methods.


Bulkloader Config Parser and runner.


Wizard to generate bulkloader configuration.


Bulkloader interfaces for the format reader/writers.


Constants used by both the bulkload server-side mixin handler and the command-line client.


Bulkloader CSV reading and writing.


Bulkloader Simple Text writing.


Bulkloader XML reading and writing.


Bulkloader Transform Helper functions.