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google.appengine.ext.bulkload.csv_connector module


Bulkloader CSV reading and writing.

Handle the CSV format specified in a bulkloader.yaml file.


class google.appengine.ext.bulkload.csv_connector.CsvConnector(columns, column_list, skip_import_header_row, print_export_header_row, csv_encoding=None, import_options=None, export_options=None)source

Bases: google.appengine.ext.bulkload.connector_interface.ConnectorInterface

Read/write a (possibly encoded) CSV file.

classmethod create_from_options(options, name)source

Factory using an options dictionary.

  • options –

    Dictionary of options: columns: ‘from_header’ or blank. column_list: overrides columns specifically. encoding: encoding of the file. e.g. ‘utf-8’ (default), ‘windows-1252’. skip_import_header_row: True to ignore the header line on import.

    Defaults False, except must be True if columns=from_header.

    print_export_header_row: True to print a header line on export.

    Defaults to False except if columns=from_header.

    import_options: Other kwargs to pass in, like “dialect”. export_options: Other kwargs to pass in, like “dialect”.

  • name – The name of this transformer, for use in error messages.


CsvConnector object described by the specified options.


InvalidConfiguration – If the config is invalid.

generate_import_record(filename, bulkload_state)source

Generator, yields dicts for nodes found as described in the options.

  • filename – Filename to read.

  • bulkload_state – Passed bulkload_state.


Neutral dict, one per row in the CSV file.

initialize_export(filename, bulkload_state)source

Initialize the output file.

  • filename – Filename to write.

  • bulkload_state – Passed bulkload_state.


Write one record for the specified entity.

class google.appengine.ext.bulkload.csv_connector.UnicodeDictWriter(stream, fieldnames, encoding='utf-8', **kwds)source

Bases: object

Based on UnicodeWriter in


Wrap writerow method.

google.appengine.ext.bulkload.csv_connector.utf8_recoder(stream, encoding)source

Generator that reads an encoded stream and reencodes to UTF-8.