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google.appengine.api.dosinfo module


DOS configuration tools.

Library for parsing dos.yaml files and working with these in memory.


class google.appengine.api.dosinfo.BlacklistEntry(**attributes)source

Bases: google.appengine.api.validation.Validated

A blacklist entry describes a blocked IP address or subnet.

ATTRIBUTES = {u'subnet': <google.appengine.api.dosinfo.SubnetValidator object>, u'description': <google.appengine.api.validation.Optional object>}
class google.appengine.api.dosinfo.DosInfoExternal(**attributes)source

Bases: google.appengine.api.validation.Validated

Describes the format of a dos.yaml file.

ATTRIBUTES = {u'blacklist': <google.appengine.api.validation.Optional object>, 'application': <google.appengine.api.validation.Optional object>}
google.appengine.api.dosinfo.LoadSingleDos(dos_info, open_fn=None)source

Load a dos.yaml file or string and return a DosInfoExternal object.

  • dos_info – The contents of a dos.yaml file as a string, or an open file object.

  • open_fn – Function for opening files. Unused.


A DosInfoExternal instance which represents the contents of the parsed yaml file.

  • MalformedDosConfiguration – The yaml file contains multiple blacklist sections.

  • yaml_errors.EventError – An error occured while parsing the yaml file.

exception google.appengine.api.dosinfo.MalformedDosConfigurationsource

Bases: exceptions.Exception

Configuration file for DOS API is malformed.

class google.appengine.api.dosinfo.SubnetValidator(default=None)source

Bases: google.appengine.api.validation.Validator

Checks that a subnet can be parsed and is a valid IPv4 or IPv6 subnet.

Validate(value, unused_key=None)source

Validates a subnet.