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The Transport Class

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Transport is the base class for implementing a Protocol RPC transport. Transports allow you to send and receive messages over HTTP.

This method receives an encoded response as determined by the transport's configured protocol. The transport is expected to set the RPC response or raise an exception before termination.

Note: Asynchronous transports are not supported.

Transport is provided by the protorpc.transport module.


class Transport (protocol=protobuf)

Instantiates a Transport object.

The protocol implementation. Must implement encode_message() and decode_message(), which are available in other protocols, such as protorpc.protojson, protorpc.protobuf, and protorpc.protojson.

Class Property

The Transport class provides the following property:

The protocol associated with this transport.

Instance Methods

Transport instances have the following method:

send_rpc(remote_info, request)
Initiate sending an RPC over the transport. Arguments
The remote information object associated with the remote method.