This Changelog highlights notable changes to the API Design Guide.


  • Add schema reference for API Service Definition.


  • Clarify API major version must be the last component of proto package name.


  • Clarify why the Create method take an input resource.
  • Clarify collection IDs that don't have plural form, such as evidence and weather.
  • Add singleton resource to design patterns.
  • Clarify C# naming conventions for acronyms and versions.


  • Add mime_type to standard fields.
  • Add expire_time to standard fields.
  • Add start_time and end_time to standard fields.


  • Add "API endpoint" to glossary.
  • Add update_mask to standard fields.
  • Add a link to FieldMask to standard methods.
  • Mention that OpenAPI spec does not support unsigned integers.
  • Clarify that method names should use verbs in the imperative mood.

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