Connect and store data to a warehouse

One of the data destination components you can add to your app is a Vision Warehouse to store streamed and processed data.


  1. Open the Applications tab of the Vertex AI Vision dashboard.

    Go to the Applications tab

  2. Select View app next to the name of your application from the list.

  3. From the side list of components, choose Vision AI Warehouse from the list of Connectors. The warehouse node is added to the app graph and a side Vision AI Warehouse menu opens.

  4. Select Connect warehouse.

  5. If you choose to Create a new warehouse, enter a warehouse name and select a [time to live (TTL)][ttl-link]{: .external}. Then click Create.

    create a warehouse image

    If you choose to Select from existing warehouses, select the button next to your warehouse and click Connect.

    select a warehouse image