Choose a region for app creation

When you create an app in the App Studio, you must choose a region. The region determines where your app's underlying elements, such as inputs, models, and warehouses, are stored.

All resources in the same region

After you choose a region, resources you select and those you create in the App Studio remain there. This includes inputs, models, warehouses, and any other resources that your app uses.

The region you select is always highlighted in our guides. This ensures that you're aware of the region your resources are stored in, and you can make an informed decision about where to create your app.

Supported regions

The following regions are currently supported:

  • us-central1
  • europe-west4

How to choose a region

To choose a region during app creation, follow these steps:


  1. Open the Applications tab of the Vertex AI Vision dashboard.

    Go to the Applications tab

  2. In the Region drop-down, select the region where you want to create your app.

  3. Click Create.

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