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Featured Jobs allows you to influence your users' search results by ranking jobs according to promotional value rather than purely by relevance. A Featured Jobs search will only return relevant jobs with an assigned promotional value.

Featured Jobs is useful in cases where you want the ability to sponsor individual jobs in your index. For example, a career site promoting business critical jobs can use a Featured Jobs search to return only sponsored jobs to job seekers.

There are two main steps for implementing Featured Jobs:

  1. Create Job resources with promotionValue set to a value greater than 0.

  2. Set the searchMode to FEATURED_JOB_SEARCH. FEATURED_JOB_SEARCH only returns Jobs that both match the job seeker's search critera and have a promotion value > 0.

Results are ordered in decreasing order of their promotionValue. A search with mode set to FEATURED_JOB_SEARCH never returns jobs with a promotion value of 0. In the case of a tie, relevance to any other provided search criteria is used. A Featured Jobs search respects all additional filters applied to the search request (for example, location).

Because Featured Jobs returns only promoted jobs to a job seeker, enabling it (setting searchMode to FEATURED_JOB_SEARCH for specified Job entities) can lead to a trade-off between your business value and the search relevance value that the job seeker is looking for. While there is no combined search mode that returns both featured AND non-featured jobs together, you can instead create an initial Featured Jobs search and a simultaneous regular search. Merging the results of both calls is a way to append the regular search results after the Featured results, providing more results to your job seekers.

Featured Jobs gives you the ability to influence search results and highlight jobs based on a single variable (promotionValue). For applications that require balancing relevance with multiple promotional tiers, such as a multi-tiered Cost-per-Click (CPC) subscriber system, Job Search supports a separate multi-variable Custom Ranking feature. See the Custom Ranking best practices documentation for more details.

Featured Jobs can be used in addition to the disableKeywordMatch and enableBroadening parameters and affects the order of the returned job search results. See the Job Search best practices documentation for more information on enableBroadening and disableKeywordMatch.

Featured Jobs diasableKeywordMatch enableBroadening Outcome
+ + + Returns a higher number of jobs, including any Featured Jobs in both relevant and query expanded results.
+ - - Avoid using Featured Jobs when `disableKeywordMatch` is set to `false`.
+ - + Avoid using Featured Jobs when `disableKeywordMatch` is set to `false`.
+ + - Returns a higher number of jobs, including any Featured Jobs in both relevant and keyword matched results.
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