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Cloud Talent Solution provides autocomplete suggestions for job titles and company names. Only active job postings and companies with at least one open job are considered eligible for suggestion results. Once a new job or company is added, it takes up to 48 hours for the information to be added to the autocomplete result set.

To use autocomplete, call the complete method when the search bar is updated.


import (

	talent ""

// jobTitleAutoComplete suggests the job titles of the given
// company identifier on query.
func jobTitleAutocomplete(w io.Writer, projectID, query string) (*talentpb.CompleteQueryResponse, error) {
	ctx := context.Background()

	// Initialize a completionService client.
	c, err := talent.NewCompletionClient(ctx)
	if err != nil {
		return nil, fmt.Errorf("talent.NewCompletionClient: %v", err)
	defer c.Close()

	// Construct a completeQuery request.
	req := &talentpb.CompleteQueryRequest{
		Parent:        fmt.Sprintf("projects/%s", projectID),
		Query:         query,
		LanguageCodes: []string{"en-US"},
		PageSize:      5, // Number of completion results returned.
		Scope:         talentpb.CompleteQueryRequest_PUBLIC,
		Type:          talentpb.CompleteQueryRequest_JOB_TITLE,

	resp, err := c.CompleteQuery(ctx, req)
	if err != nil {
		return nil, fmt.Errorf("CompleteQuery(%s): %v", query, err)

	fmt.Fprintf(w, "Auto complete results:")
	for _, c := range resp.GetCompletionResults() {
		fmt.Fprintf(w, "\t%v\n", c.Suggestion)

	return resp, nil


For more on installing and creating a Cloud Talent Solution client, see Cloud Talent Solution Client Libraries.


public class JobSearchAutoCompleteJobTitle {

  public static void completeQuery() throws IOException {
    // TODO(developer): Replace these variables before running the sample.
    String projectId = "your-project-id";
    String tenantId = "your-tenant-id";
    String query = "your-query-for-job-title";
    completeQuery(projectId, tenantId, query);

  // Complete job title given partial text (autocomplete).
  public static void completeQuery(String projectId, String tenantId, String query)
      throws IOException {
    // Initialize client that will be used to send requests. This client only needs to be created
    // once, and can be reused for multiple requests. After completing all of your requests, call
    // the "close" method on the client to safely clean up any remaining background resources.
    try (CompletionClient completionClient = CompletionClient.create()) {
      TenantName parent = TenantName.of(projectId, tenantId);
      CompleteQueryRequest request =
              .setPageSize(5) // limit for number of results
              .addLanguageCodes("en-US") // language code
      CompleteQueryResponse response = completionClient.completeQuery(request);
      for (CompleteQueryResponse.CompletionResult result : response.getCompletionResultsList()) {
        System.out.format("Suggested title: %s%n", result.getSuggestion());
        // Suggestion type is JOB_TITLE or COMPANY_TITLE
        System.out.format("Suggestion type: %s%n", result.getType());


For more on installing and creating a Cloud Talent Solution client, see Cloud Talent Solution Client Libraries.

const talent = require('@google-cloud/talent').v4;

 * Complete job title given partial text (autocomplete)
 * @param projectId {string} Your Google Cloud Project ID
 * @param tenantId {string} Identifier of the TenantId
function sampleCompleteQuery(
) {
  const client = new talent.CompletionClient();
  // const projectId = 'Your Google Cloud Project ID';
  // const tenantId = 'Your Tenant ID (using tenancy is optional)';
  // const query = '[partially typed job title]';
  // const numResults = 5;
  // const languageCode = 'en-US';
  const formattedParent = client.tenantPath(projectId, tenantId);
  const languageCodes = [languageCode];
  const request = {
    parent: formattedParent,
    query: query,
    pageSize: numResults,
    languageCodes: languageCodes,
    .then(responses => {
      const response = responses[0];
      for (const result of response.completionResults) {
        console.log(`Suggested title: ${result.suggestion}`);
        // Suggestion type is JOB_TITLE or COMPANY_TITLE
        console.log(`Suggestion type: ${result.type}`);
    .catch(err => {


For more on installing and creating a Cloud Talent Solution client, see Cloud Talent Solution Client Libraries.

from import talent_v4beta1
import six

def complete_query(project_id, tenant_id, query):
    """Complete job title given partial text (autocomplete)"""

    client = talent_v4beta1.CompletionClient()

    # project_id = 'Your Google Cloud Project ID'
    # tenant_id = 'Your Tenant ID (using tenancy is optional)'
    # query = '[partially typed job title]'

    if isinstance(project_id, six.binary_type):
        project_id = project_id.decode("utf-8")
    if isinstance(tenant_id, six.binary_type):
        tenant_id = tenant_id.decode("utf-8")
    if isinstance(query, six.binary_type):
        query = query.decode("utf-8")

    parent = f"projects/{project_id}/tenants/{tenant_id}"

    request = talent_v4beta1.CompleteQueryRequest(
        page_size=5,  # limit for number of results
        language_codes=["en-US"],  # language code
    response = client.complete_query(request=request)
    for result in response.completion_results:
        print(f"Suggested title: {result.suggestion}")
        # Suggestion type is JOB_TITLE or COMPANY_TITLE
            f"Suggestion type: {talent_v4beta1.CompleteQueryRequest.CompletionType(result.type_).name}"