GET Object

Downloads an object, lists an object's ACLs, or gets an object's encryption information.

To download an object you make a GET request that is scoped to a bucket and object. You can also use various request headers to further scope the request. The request returns the object's contents in the response body. To list an object's ACLs you make a GET request that is scoped to a bucket and object and you use the acl query string parameter. The ACLs are returned in an XML document in the response body.

If you make a GET request for an object that doesn't exist, you will get a 404 Not Found status code and the body of the error response will contain NoSuchKey in the Code element.

Use a GET object request to:

You should not use a GET object request to retrieve general object metadata, because doing so incurs egress charges associated with downloading the entire object. Use a HEAD object request instead.

Common request headers

The following are common request headers for GET object requests.

Header Description Required
Authorization The authentication string for the request. Required for objects without public read access. Maybe
Host The URI for Cloud Storage. For more information, see Request Endpoints. Yes
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