Channels: stop

Stop receiving object change notifications through this channel. Try it now.

While this method accepts a full channel resource, only the id and resourceId fields are necessary. Other elements of a channel resource are legal but ignored. This allows retaining the results of an objects.watchAll call and passing that result in its entirety to channels.stop. For more, see our guide on Object Change Notifications.


HTTP request


Request body

In the request body, supply data with the following structure:

  "kind": "api#channel",
  "id": string,
  "resourceId": string,
  "resourceUri": string,
  "token": string,
  "expiration": long,
  "type": string,
  "address": string,
  "payload": boolean,
  "params": {
    (key): string
Property name Value Description Notes
kind string Ignored.
id string A UUID or similar unique string that identifies this channel.
resourceId string An opaque ID that identifies the resource being watched on this channel. Stable across different API versions.
resourceUri string Ignored.
token string Ignored.
expiration long Ignored.
type string Ignored.
address string Ignored.
params object Ignored.
params.(key) string Ignored.
payload boolean Ignored.


If successful, this method returns an empty response body.

Try it!

Use the APIs Explorer below to call this method on live data and see the response.

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