Viewing logs

View logs for your Cloud Routers, such as route and BGP events. To view logs, open the Cloud Router list, then click View in the Logs column.

Cloud Router logs have the following format:

[Event Type]: [Log Text]

Router events

Router events pertain to your Cloud Router.

INFO log entries

  • Router Event: Router task activated
  • Router Event: Router task de-activated

BGP events

BGP events pertain to a BGP configuration and session.

INFO log entries

  • BGP Event: Successfully added configuration for peers: [LIST_OF_PEERS]
  • BGP Event: BGP peering with [PEER] came up X seconds ago
  • BGP Event: BGP peering with [PEER] went down
  • BGP Event: BGP Router ID set to: [BGP_ROUTER_ID]

Route events

Route events pertain to route announcements between the two BGP peers.

INFO log entries

  • Route Event: Advertising prefix to peers: [PREFIX]
  • Route Event: Withdrawing prefix from peers: [PREFIX]
  • Route Event: Prefix [PREFIX] Nexthops [LIST_OF_NEXTHOPS] received by Cloud Router
  • Route Event: Prefix [PREFIX] Nexthops [LIST_OF_NEXTHOPS] deleted from Cloud Router

ERROR log entries

  • Route Event: Dropping Route: [PREFIX] Maximum allowed routes MAX_ROUTES already in Datapath
    If you get this error, reduce the number of prefixes announced from the peer router to the [MAX_ROUTES] value.