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Applying or changing recommendations

You can apply, dismiss or restore a recommendation from the Recommendation Hub.

Applying recommendations

Depending on the Google Cloud service, you can apply some recommendations from Recommendation Hub. For recommendations that are supported, the Apply button is shown in the recommendation details panel:

Apply a recommendation.

Some recommendations might be applied instantly, while others may take more time to complete.

Dismissing a recommendation

Dismissing a recommendation prevents it from being shown in the Recommendation Hub dashboard and list views for the current project. Additionally, to protect the underlying resources, after you dismiss a recommendation, it cannot be applied from Recommendation Hub or the Recommender API.

To dismiss a recommendation, select the recommendation in the list view and click Dismiss:

Dismiss a recommendation.

Restoring a recommendation

Restoring a recommendation that you dismissed marks the recommendation as active. Active recommendations will show in the Recommendation Hub dashboard and list views.

To restore a recommendation, open Recommendation History, and click Dismissed to see a list of dismissed recommendations. Select the recommendation that you want to restore, and click Restore for all users:

Restore a dismissed a recommendation.

For information about changing the state of recommendations, refer to the documentation for the appropriate recommender, or for the appropriate insight type.