Class BulkMuteFindingsRequest (1.31.0)

BulkMuteFindingsRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Request message for bulk findings update.


  1. If multiple bulk update requests match the same resource, the order in which they get executed is not defined.
  2. Once a bulk operation is started, there is no way to stop it.


parent str
Required. The parent, at which bulk action needs to be applied. Its format is "organizations/[organization_id]", "folders/[folder_id]", "projects/[project_id]".
filter str
Expression that identifies findings that should be updated. The expression is a list of zero or more restrictions combined via logical operators AND and OR. Parentheses are supported, and OR has higher precedence than AND. Restrictions have the form and may have a - character in front of them to indicate negation. The fields map to those defined in the corresponding resource. The supported operators are: - = for all value types. - >, , >=, <> for integer values. - :, meaning substring matching, for strings. The supported value types are: - string literals in quotes. - integer literals without quotes. - boolean literals true and false without quotes.
mute_annotation str
This can be a mute configuration name or any identifier for mute/unmute of findings based on the filter.