Class File (1.26.1)

File(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

File information about the related binary/library used by an executable, or the script used by a script interpreter


path str
Absolute path of the file as a JSON encoded string.
size int
Size of the file in bytes.
sha256 str
SHA256 hash of the first hashed_size bytes of the file encoded as a hex string. If hashed_size == size, sha256 represents the SHA256 hash of the entire file.
hashed_size int
The length in bytes of the file prefix that was hashed. If hashed_size == size, any hashes reported represent the entire file.
partially_hashed bool
True when the hash covers only a prefix of the file.
contents str
Prefix of the file contents as a JSON-encoded string.