Class EffectiveSecurityHealthAnalyticsCustomModule (1.30.1)

    mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs

An EffectiveSecurityHealthAnalyticsCustomModule is the representation of a Security Health Analytics custom module at a specified level of the resource hierarchy: organization, folder, or project. If a custom module is inherited from a parent organization or folder, the value of the enablementState property in EffectiveSecurityHealthAnalyticsCustomModule is set to the value that is effective in the parent, instead of INHERITED. For example, if the module is enabled in a parent organization or folder, the effective enablement_state for the module in all child folders or projects is also enabled. EffectiveSecurityHealthAnalyticsCustomModule is read-only.


name str
Output only. The resource name of the custom module. Its format is "organizations/{organization}/securityHealthAnalyticsSettings/effectiveCustomModules/{customModule}", or "folders/{folder}/securityHealthAnalyticsSettings/effectiveCustomModules/{customModule}", or "projects/{project}/securityHealthAnalyticsSettings/effectiveCustomModules/{customModule}".
Output only. The user-specified configuration for the module.
Output only. The effective state of enablement for the module at the given level of the hierarchy.
display_name str
Output only. The display name for the custom module. The name must be between 1 and 128 characters, start with a lowercase letter, and contain alphanumeric characters or underscores only.




The enablement state of the module.

Values: ENABLEMENT_STATE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Unspecified enablement state. ENABLED (1): The module is enabled at the given level. DISABLED (2): The module is disabled at the given level.