Class Access (1.31.0)

Access(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Represents an access event.


principal_email str
Associated email, such as "". The email address of the authenticated user or a service account acting on behalf of a third party principal making the request. For third party identity callers, the principal_subject field is populated instead of this field. For privacy reasons, the principal email address is sometimes redacted. For more information, see `Caller identities in audit logs
caller_ip str
Caller's IP address, such as "".
The caller IP's geolocation, which identifies where the call came from.
user_agent_family str
Type of user agent associated with the finding. For example, an operating system shell or an embedded or standalone application.
user_agent str
The caller's user agent string associated with the finding.
service_name str
This is the API service that the service account made a call to, e.g. "".
method_name str
The method that the service account called, e.g. "SetIamPolicy".
principal_subject str
A string that represents the principal_subject that is associated with the identity. Unlike principal_email, principal_subject supports principals that aren't associated with email addresses, such as third party principals. For most identities, the format is principal://{identity pool name}/subject/{subject}. Some GKE identities, such as GKE_WORKLOAD, FREEFORM, and GKE_HUB_WORKLOAD, still use the legacy format serviceAccount:{identity pool name}[{subject}].
service_account_key_name str
The name of the service account key that was used to create or exchange credentials when authenticating the service account that made the request. This is a scheme-less URI full resource name. For example: "//{PROJECT_ID}/serviceAccounts/{ACCOUNT}/keys/{key}".
service_account_delegation_info MutableSequence[]
The identity delegation history of an authenticated service account that made the request. The serviceAccountDelegationInfo[] object contains information about the real authorities that try to access Google Cloud resources by delegating on a service account. When multiple authorities are present, they are guaranteed to be sorted based on the original ordering of the identity delegation events.
user_name str
A string that represents a username. The username provided depends on the type of the finding and is likely not an IAM principal. For example, this can be a system username if the finding is related to a virtual machine, or it can be an application login username.