Class NextHopType (1.13.1)


Type of next hop:

Values: NEXT_HOP_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Unspecified type. Default value. NEXT_HOP_IP (1): Next hop is an IP address. NEXT_HOP_INSTANCE (2): Next hop is a Compute Engine instance. NEXT_HOP_NETWORK (3): Next hop is a VPC network gateway. NEXT_HOP_PEERING (4): Next hop is a peering VPC. NEXT_HOP_INTERCONNECT (5): Next hop is an interconnect. NEXT_HOP_VPN_TUNNEL (6): Next hop is a VPN tunnel. NEXT_HOP_VPN_GATEWAY (7): Next hop is a VPN gateway. This scenario only happens when tracing connectivity from an on-premises network to Google Cloud through a VPN. The analysis simulates a packet departing from the on-premises network through a VPN tunnel and arriving at a Cloud VPN gateway. NEXT_HOP_INTERNET_GATEWAY (8): Next hop is an internet gateway. NEXT_HOP_BLACKHOLE (9): Next hop is blackhole; that is, the next hop either does not exist or is not running. NEXT_HOP_ILB (10): Next hop is the forwarding rule of an Internal Load Balancer. NEXT_HOP_ROUTER_APPLIANCE (11): Next hop is a router appliance instance <>__. NEXT_HOP_NCC_HUB (12): Next hop is an NCC hub.