Class ListConnectivityTestsRequest (1.8.2)

    mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs

Request for the ListConnectivityTests method.


parent str
Required. The parent resource of the Connectivity Tests: projects/{project_id}/locations/global
page_size int
Number of ConnectivityTests to return.
page_token str
Page token from an earlier query, as returned in next_page_token.
filter str
Lists the ConnectivityTests that match the filter expression. A filter expression filters the resources listed in the response. The expression must be of the form where operators: , >, <>, >=, !=, =, : are supported (colon : represents a HAS operator which is roughly synonymous with equality). can refer to a proto or JSON field, or a synthetic field. Field names can be camelCase or snake_case. Examples: - Filter by name: name = "projects/proj-1/locations/global/connectivityTests/test-1 - Filter by labels: - Resources that have a key called foo\* - Resources that have a key called foo whose value is bar = bar
order_by str
Field to use to sort the list.