Class Cause (1.11.0)


Abort cause types:

Values: CAUSE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Cause is unspecified. UNKNOWN_NETWORK (1): Aborted due to unknown network. The reachability analysis cannot proceed because the user does not have access to the host project's network configurations, including firewall rules and routes. This happens when the project is a service project and the endpoints being traced are in the host project's network. UNKNOWN_IP (2): Aborted because the IP address(es) are unknown. UNKNOWN_PROJECT (3): Aborted because no project information can be derived from the test input. PERMISSION_DENIED (4): Aborted because the user lacks the permission to access all or part of the network configurations required to run the test. NO_SOURCE_LOCATION (5): Aborted because no valid source endpoint is derived from the input test request. INVALID_ARGUMENT (6): Aborted because the source and/or destination endpoint specified in the test are invalid. The possible reasons that an endpoint is invalid include: malformed IP address; nonexistent instance or network URI; IP address not in the range of specified network URI; and instance not owning the network interface in the specified network. NO_EXTERNAL_IP (7): Aborted because traffic is sent from a public IP to an instance without an external IP. UNINTENDED_DESTINATION (8): Aborted because none of the traces matches destination information specified in the input test request. TRACE_TOO_LONG (9): Aborted because the number of steps in the trace exceeding a certain limit which may be caused by routing loop. INTERNAL_ERROR (10): Aborted due to internal server error. SOURCE_ENDPOINT_NOT_FOUND (11): Aborted because the source endpoint could not be found. MISMATCHED_SOURCE_NETWORK (12): Aborted because the source network does not match the source endpoint. DESTINATION_ENDPOINT_NOT_FOUND (13): Aborted because the destination endpoint could not be found. MISMATCHED_DESTINATION_NETWORK (14): Aborted because the destination network does not match the destination endpoint. UNSUPPORTED (15): Aborted because the test scenario is not supported. MISMATCHED_IP_VERSION (16): Aborted because the source and destination resources have no common IP version. GKE_KONNECTIVITY_PROXY_UNSUPPORTED (17): Aborted because the connection between the control plane and the node of the source cluster is initiated by the node and managed by the Konnectivity proxy. RESOURCE_CONFIG_NOT_FOUND (18): Aborted because expected resource configuration was missing. GOOGLE_MANAGED_SERVICE_AMBIGUOUS_PSC_ENDPOINT (19): Aborted because a PSC endpoint selection for the Google-managed service is ambiguous (several PSC endpoints satisfy test input). SOURCE_PSC_CLOUD_SQL_UNSUPPORTED (20): Aborted because tests with a PSC-based Cloud SQL instance as a source are not supported. SOURCE_FORWARDING_RULE_UNSUPPORTED (21): Aborted because tests with a forwarding rule as a source are not supported.