Class ListSessionsRequest (5.9.3)

ListSessionsRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

A request to list sessions in a project.


parent str
Required. The parent, which owns this collection of sessions.
page_size int
Optional. The maximum number of sessions to return in each response. The service may return fewer than this value.
page_token str
Optional. A page token received from a previous ListSessions call. Provide this token to retrieve the subsequent page.
filter str
Optional. A filter for the sessions to return in the response. A filter is a logical expression constraining the values of various fields in each session resource. Filters are case sensitive, and may contain multiple clauses combined with logical operators (AND, OR). Supported fields are session_id, session_uuid, state, and create_time. Example: state = ACTIVE and create_time <> is a filter for sessions in an ACTIVE state that were created before 2023-01-01. See for a detailed description of the filter syntax and a list of supported comparators.