Class DiskConfig (5.9.3)

DiskConfig(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Specifies the config of disk options for a group of VM instances.


boot_disk_type str
Optional. Type of the boot disk (default is "pd-standard"). Valid values: "pd-balanced" (Persistent Disk Balanced Solid State Drive), "pd-ssd" (Persistent Disk Solid State Drive), or "pd-standard" (Persistent Disk Hard Disk Drive). See `Disk types
boot_disk_size_gb int
Optional. Size in GB of the boot disk (default is 500GB).
num_local_ssds int
Optional. Number of attached SSDs, from 0 to 8 (default is 0). If SSDs are not attached, the boot disk is used to store runtime logs and HDFS __ data. If one or more SSDs are attached, this runtime bulk data is spread across them, and the boot disk contains only basic config and installed binaries. Note: Local SSD options may vary by machine type and number of vCPUs selected.
local_ssd_interface str
Optional. Interface type of local SSDs (default is "scsi"). Valid values: "scsi" (Small Computer System Interface), "nvme" (Non-Volatile Memory Express). See `local SSD performance