Class State (5.8.0)


The job state.

Values: STATE_UNSPECIFIED (0): The job state is unknown. PENDING (1): The job is pending; it has been submitted, but is not yet running. SETUP_DONE (8): Job has been received by the service and completed initial setup; it will soon be submitted to the cluster. RUNNING (2): The job is running on the cluster. CANCEL_PENDING (3): A CancelJob request has been received, but is pending. CANCEL_STARTED (7): Transient in-flight resources have been canceled, and the request to cancel the running job has been issued to the cluster. CANCELLED (4): The job cancellation was successful. DONE (5): The job has completed successfully. ERROR (6): The job has completed, but encountered an error. ATTEMPT_FAILURE (9): Job attempt has failed. The detail field contains failure details for this attempt.

    Applies to restartable jobs only.