Class Component (5.6.0)


Cluster components that can be activated.

Values: COMPONENT_UNSPECIFIED (0): Unspecified component. Specifying this will cause Cluster creation to fail. ANACONDA (5): The Anaconda python distribution. The Anaconda component is not supported in the Dataproc 2.0 image. The 2.0 image is pre-installed with Miniconda. DOCKER (13): Docker DRUID (9): The Druid query engine. (alpha) FLINK (14): Flink HBASE (11): HBase. (beta) HIVE_WEBHCAT (3): The Hive Web HCatalog (the REST service for accessing HCatalog). HUDI (18): Hudi. JUPYTER (1): The Jupyter Notebook. PRESTO (6): The Presto query engine. TRINO (17): The Trino query engine. RANGER (12): The Ranger service. SOLR (10): The Solr service. ZEPPELIN (4): The Zeppelin notebook. ZOOKEEPER (8): The Zookeeper service.