Class SearchAllIamPoliciesRequest (3.20.1)

SearchAllIamPoliciesRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Search all IAM policies request.


scope str
Required. A scope can be a project, a folder, or an organization. The search is limited to the IAM policies within the scope. The caller must be granted the ``cloudasset.assets.searchAllIamPolicies __ permission on the desired scope. The allowed values are: - projects/{PROJECT_ID} (e.g., "projects/foo-bar") - projects/{PROJECT_NUMBER} (e.g., "projects/12345678") - folders/{FOLDER_NUMBER} (e.g., "folders/1234567") - organizations/{ORGANIZATION_NUMBER} (e.g., "organizations/123456")
query str
Optional. The query statement. See `how to construct a query
page_size int
Optional. The page size for search result pagination. Page size is capped at 500 even if a larger value is given. If set to zero or a negative value, server will pick an appropriate default. Returned results may be fewer than requested. When this happens, there could be more results as long as next_page_token is returned.
page_token str
Optional. If present, retrieve the next batch of results from the preceding call to this method. page_token must be the value of next_page_token from the previous response. The values of all other method parameters must be identical to those in the previous call.
asset_types MutableSequence[str]
Optional. A list of asset types that the IAM policies are attached to. If empty, it will search the IAM policies that are attached to all the `searchable asset types
order_by str
Optional. A comma-separated list of fields specifying the sorting order of the results. The default order is ascending. Add " DESC" after the field name to indicate descending order. Redundant space characters are ignored. Example: "assetType DESC, resource". Only singular primitive fields in the response are sortable: - resource - assetType - project All the other fields such as repeated fields (e.g., folders) and non-primitive fields (e.g., policy) are not supported.