Class BigQueryDestination (3.10.0)

BigQueryDestination(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

A BigQuery destination.


dataset str
Required. The BigQuery dataset in format "projects/projectId/datasets/datasetId", to which the analysis results should be exported. If this dataset does not exist, the export call will return an INVALID_ARGUMENT error.
table_prefix str
Required. The prefix of the BigQuery tables to which the analysis results will be written. Tables will be created based on this table_prefix if not exist: -
The partition key for BigQuery partitioned table.
write_disposition str
Optional. Specifies the action that occurs if the destination table or partition already exists. The following values are supported: - WRITE_TRUNCATE: If the table or partition already exists, BigQuery overwrites the entire table or all the partitions data. - WRITE_APPEND: If the table or partition already exists, BigQuery appends the data to the table or the latest partition. - WRITE_EMPTY: If the table already exists and contains data, an error is returned. The default value is WRITE_APPEND. Each action is atomic and only occurs if BigQuery is able to complete the job successfully. Details are at


builtins.object > proto.message.Message > BigQueryDestination




This enum determines the partition key column for the bigquery tables. Partitioning can improve query performance and reduce query cost by filtering partitions. Refer to for details.