Class Asset (3.19.1)

Asset(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Cloud asset. This includes all Google Cloud Platform resources, Cloud IAM policies, and other non-GCP assets.


name str
The full name of the asset. For example: // See `Resource Names
asset_type str
Type of the asset. Example: "".
Representation of the resource.
iam_policy google.iam.v1.policy_pb2.Policy
Representation of the actual Cloud IAM policy set on a cloud resource. For each resource, there must be at most one Cloud IAM policy set on it.
ancestors MutableSequence[str]
Asset's ancestry path in Cloud Resource Manager (CRM) hierarchy, represented as a list of relative resource names. Ancestry path starts with the closest CRM ancestor and ends at root. If the asset is a CRM project/folder/organization, this starts from the asset itself. Example: ["projects/123456789", "folders/5432", "organizations/1234"]