Class GovernedContainer (3.24.1)

GovernedContainer(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

The organization/folder/project resource governed by organization policies of AnalyzeOrgPolicyGovernedContainersRequest.constraint.


full_resource_name str
The [full resource name] ( of an organization/folder/project resource.
parent str
The [full resource name] ( of the parent of AnalyzeOrgPolicyGovernedContainersResponse.GovernedContainer.full_resource_name.
The consolidated organization policy for the analyzed resource. The consolidated organization policy is computed by merging and evaluating AnalyzeOrgPolicyGovernedContainersResponse.GovernedContainer.policy_bundle. The evaluation will respect the organization policy `hierarchy rules
policy_bundle MutableSequence[]
The ordered list of all organization policies from the [AnalyzeOrgPoliciesResponse.OrgPolicyResult.consolidated_policy.attached_resource][]. to the scope specified in the request. If the constraint is defined with default policy, it will also appear in the list.