Class BigQueryDestination (3.16.0)

BigQueryDestination(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

A BigQuery destination.


dataset str
Required. The BigQuery dataset in format "projects/projectId/datasets/datasetId", to which the analysis results should be exported. If this dataset does not exist, the export call will return an INVALID_ARGUMENT error.
table_prefix str
Required. The prefix of the BigQuery tables to which the analysis results will be written. Tables will be created based on this table_prefix if not exist: -
The partition key for BigQuery partitioned table.
write_disposition str
Optional. Specifies the action that occurs if the destination table or partition already exists. The following values are supported: - WRITE_TRUNCATE: If the table or partition already exists, BigQuery overwrites the entire table or all the partitions data. - WRITE_APPEND: If the table or partition already exists, BigQuery appends the data to the table or the latest partition. - WRITE_EMPTY: If the table already exists and contains data, an error is returned. The default value is WRITE_APPEND. Each action is atomic and only occurs if BigQuery is able to complete the job successfully. Details are at




This enum determines the partition key column for the bigquery tables. Partitioning can improve query performance and reduce query cost by filtering partitions. Refer to for details.