Class TableFieldSchema (3.16.0)

TableFieldSchema(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

A field in TableSchema.


field str
The field name. The name must contain only letters (a-z, A-Z), numbers (0-9), or underscores (_), and must start with a letter or underscore. The maximum length is 128 characters.
type_ str
The field data type. Possible values include - STRING - BYTES - INTEGER - FLOAT - BOOLEAN - TIMESTAMP - DATE - TIME - DATETIME - GEOGRAPHY, - NUMERIC, - BIGNUMERIC, - RECORD (where RECORD indicates that the field contains a nested schema).
mode str
The field mode. Possible values include NULLABLE, REQUIRED and REPEATED. The default value is NULLABLE.
fields MutableSequence[]
Describes the nested schema fields if the type property is set to RECORD.