Class SearchAllIamPoliciesRequest (3.14.2)

SearchAllIamPoliciesRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Search all IAM policies request.


scope str
Required. A scope can be a project, a folder, or an organization. The search is limited to the IAM policies within the scope. The caller must be granted the ``cloudasset.assets.searchAllIamPolicies __ permission on the desired scope. The allowed values are: - projects/{PROJECT_ID} (e.g., "projects/foo-bar") - projects/{PROJECT_NUMBER} (e.g., "projects/12345678") - folders/{FOLDER_NUMBER} (e.g., "folders/1234567") - organizations/{ORGANIZATION_NUMBER} (e.g., "organizations/123456")
query str
Optional. The query statement. See `how to construct a query
page_size int
Optional. The page size for search result pagination. Page size is capped at 500 even if a larger value is given. If set to zero, server will pick an appropriate default. Returned results may be fewer than requested. When this happens, there could be more results as long as next_page_token is returned.
page_token str
Optional. If present, retrieve the next batch of results from the preceding call to this method. page_token must be the value of next_page_token from the previous response. The values of all other method parameters must be identical to those in the previous call.
asset_types Sequence[str]
Optional. A list of asset types that the IAM policies are attached to. If empty, it will search the IAM policies that are attached to all the `searchable asset types
order_by str
Optional. A comma-separated list of fields specifying the sorting order of the results. The default order is ascending. Add " DESC" after the field name to indicate descending order. Redundant space characters are ignored. Example: "assetType DESC, resource". Only singular primitive fields in the response are sortable: - resource - assetType - project All the other fields such as repeated fields (e.g., folders) and non-primitive fields (e.g., policy) are not supported.