Control access with IAM

Cloud Profiler controls access to profiling activities in Google Cloud projects by using Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles and permissions.


To use Cloud Profiler for a Google Cloud project, you must have the appropriate IAM permissions on that project.

Permissions are not granted directly to users; permissions are instead granted indirectly through roles, which group permissions. For more information on these concepts, see the IAM documentation on roles, permissions, and related concepts.

Permissions and roles

This section summarizes the permissions and roles that apply to Profiler.


The following table lists the permissions required for profiling activities:

Activity Required permissions
Create profiles cloudprofiler.profiles.create
List profiles cloudprofiler.profiles.list
Modify profiles cloudprofiler.profiles.update


IAM roles include permissions and can be assigned to users, groups, and service accounts. The following table lists the roles for Profiler:

Role Permissions


Cloud Profiler agents are allowed to register and provide the profiling data.




Cloud Profiler users are allowed to query and view the profiling data.





To learn how to assign Identity and Access Management roles to a user or service account, see Managing Policies.