Introduction to the Stackdriver Monitoring API

The Stackdriver Monitoring API v3 gives you access to over 900 Stackdriver Monitoring metrics from Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. You can create your own custom metrics and can organize your cloud resources using groups.

For the API reference documentation, see Stackdriver Monitoring API.


For an introduction to metric concepts and the data structures that represent them, see Metrics, Time Series, and Resources.

To learn how to manage your custom metrics and the built-in metrics, see Using Custom Metrics.

For a complete list of available metrics, see Metrics List.


A group is a dynamic collection of monitored resources. You have always been able to create groups manually in Stackdriver Monitoring, but the v3 API allows you to write code that creates and uses groups.

For more information, see the Group collection in the API.


The v3 API uses monitoring filters to select metrics, to fetch time series data, and to collect resources into groups. For more information, see Monitoring Filters.

Users of the v2 API

The Cloud Monitoring API v2 was turned down in August, 2017 in favor of the Stackdriver Monitoring API v3.

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