REST Resource: projects.notificationChannelDescriptors

Resource: NotificationChannelDescriptor

A description of a notification channel. The descriptor includes the properties of the channel and the set of labels or fields that must be specified to configure channels of a given type.

JSON representation
  "name": string,
  "type": string,
  "displayName": string,
  "description": string,
  "labels": [
      object (LabelDescriptor)
  "supportedTiers": [
    enum (ServiceTier)


The full REST resource name for this descriptor. The syntax is:


In the above, [TYPE] is the value of the type field.



The type of notification channel, such as "email", "sms", etc. Notification channel types are globally unique.



A human-readable name for the notification channel type. This form of the name is suitable for a user interface.



A human-readable description of the notification channel type. The description may include a description of the properties of the channel and pointers to external documentation.


object (LabelDescriptor)

The set of labels that must be defined to identify a particular channel of the corresponding type. Each label includes a description for how that field should be populated.


enum (ServiceTier)

The tiers that support this notification channel; the project service tier must be one of the supportedTiers.


The tier of service for a Workspace. Please see the service tiers documentation for more details.

SERVICE_TIER_UNSPECIFIED An invalid sentinel value, used to indicate that a tier has not been provided explicitly.
SERVICE_TIER_BASIC The Stackdriver Basic tier, a free tier of service that provides basic features, a moderate allotment of logs, and access to built-in metrics. A number of features are not available in this tier. For more details, see the service tiers documentation.
SERVICE_TIER_PREMIUM The Stackdriver Premium tier, a higher, more expensive tier of service that provides access to all Stackdriver features, lets you use Stackdriver with AWS accounts, and has a larger allotments for logs and metrics. For more details, see the service tiers documentation.



Gets a single channel descriptor.


Lists the descriptors for supported channel types.
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