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Prerequisites for migrating Linux VMs using VMware processing clusters

This topic describes the prerequisites for using Migrate to Containers on-premises to migrate Linux VMs using Anthos clusters on VMware.

Confirm your workloads are compatible

Compatible OSes

Check that your workloads run an operating system supported by Migrate to Containers.

Supported VM source platforms

Migrate to Containers on-premises supports migrating VMs from the following source platforms:

  • VMware vSphere

Migrating to Anthos clusters on VMware prerequisites

The following table lists the prerequisites for a migration using Anthos clusters on VMware:

Prerequisite Details
Anthos clusters on VMware Anthos clusters on VMware are properly configured and available for hosting the migrated workloads in new containers, including sufficient memory and CPUs available for running the modernized workloads.
VMs workloads and Anthos clusters on VMware are colocated Source VM workloads are in the same vCenter/vSphere environment as the destination Anthos clusters on VMware. If necessary, copy the source VM to the vCenter/vSphere environment of the Anthos clusters on VMware.
Anthos clusters on VMware access to vSphere datastore Anthos clusters on VMware must have access to the vSphere datastore containing source the VM's data.
Admin VM with access to Kubernetes cluster and vSphere Admin workstation that can access the Anthos clusters on VMware and vSphere, and be used for taking all Migrate to Containers required actions.
Admin access to Google Cloud APIs

Anthos clusters on VMware have access to required Google Cloud APIs as described in Enabling Google services and configuring service accounts.

Access to data repositories

Migrate to Containers write information to two different data repositories as part of a migration:

  • Docker image files representing a migrated VM are written to a Docker registry.
  • Migration artifacts that represent the migrated workload are written to a data repository.

Anthos clusters on VMware require read/write access to both repositories to perform a migration. See Defining data repositories for more.

Installing Connect for migrations to Anthos clusters on VMware

Connect lets you connect any of your Anthos clusters on VMware to Google Cloud. Connect enables access to cluster and to workload management features, including a unified user interface, Google Cloud console, to interact with your cluster.

Connect is not required to migrate VMs to Anthos clusters on VMware. However, if you do install Connect, you are able to use the logging and monitoring features of Google Cloud console as part of your migration.

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