Upgrading Migrate for Anthos to 1.4

To upgrade a previous release of Migrate for Anthos to version 1.4:

  1. Visit the GKE menu in Cloud Console.

    Visit the GKE menu

  2. In the list of clusters, locate the cluster you'll be using as a processing cluster and click its Connect button.

  3. In the Connect to the cluster dialog, under Command-line access, click Run in Cloud Shell to run the connect command in Cloud Shell.

    gcloud container clusters get-credentials my-cluster --zone us-central1-c --project my-project
  4. Check for any existing migrations and delete them:

    1. List current migrations:

      migctl migration list
      NAME                STATUS      CURRENT-OPERATION
      my-migration        Completed   GenerateArtifacts
      another-migration   Running     GenerateMigrationPlan
    2. Delete all completed migrations:

      migctl migration delete my-migration
    3. For any migration that is currently running, repeat Step a and wait for it to complete. Then delete it.

  5. Upgrade the cluster:

    migctl setup upgrade

    The command:

    • Uninstalls version 1.3 of Migrate for Anthos and installs version 1.4.

    • Upgrades existing 1.3 migration sources to version 1.4.

  6. Validate the upgrade by running the migctl doctor command.

    Before the upgrade has completed, you might see a message such as the following. If so, wait a few minutes for the upgrade to finish before running migctl doctor again.

    migctl doctor
    [✓] Deployment
      [✓] Admission Controller
      [!] Components
        Job controllers-deploy-cert is not ready
        Job controllers-upgrade is not ready

    In the following example output, the check mark indicates that Migrate for Anthos has been successfully upgraded.

    migctl doctor
    [✓] Deployment
  7. After the upgrade completes, you must recreate your migrations to validate that the migration sources were upgraded successfully. See Creating a migration.

  8. After recreating your migrations successfully, perform the upgrade cleanup step:

    migctl setup upgrade --cleanup