Deploying a Linux workload to a target cluster

After you have migrated a workload from your source platform, you can use the deployment artifacts generated by that process to deploy the migrated workload container to another cluster.

The following lists the artifacts that you generate when you execute a migration. For more details, see Reviewing generated deployment files.

  • For using the Image intent in the migration plan:

    • Deployment
    • Service of type ClusterIP.
  • For using the ImageAndData intent in the migration plan:

    • StatefulSet
    • Service of type ClusterIP.
    • PersistentVolumeClaim and PersistentVolume
  • For using the Data intent in the migration plan:

    • PersistentVolumeClaim and PersistentVolume

Before you begin

Before deploying your workload, you should have first:

Apply generated deployment YAML file

To your target cluster -- such as a production cluster -- use kubectl to apply the deployment spec.

kubectl apply -f deployment_spec.yaml