Migrating a Linux VM

This topic describes how to migrate VMs to a GKE cluster running in the Cloud, to Anthos clusters on VMware, or to Anthos clusters on AWS. To perform the migration, use a processing cluster you created with the steps in Installing Migrate to Containers.

Diagram of steps to migrate with Migrate to Containers
  1. Add a migration source.

    You start a migration by configuring a source that represents the source platform from which you will be migrating. If you already have a source from a previous migration and the VMs you're migrating are from the same source, you can re-use it.

  2. Create a migration.

    Create the migration plan that you then review and customize before executing the migration.

  3. Customize your migration plan.

    Edit the migration plan for your specific requirements before execuing the migration.

  4. Execute the migration.

    Execute the migration to extract the container artifacts, including the container image and Dockerfile. Use these artifacts to deploy the container to your testing environment or to production.

  5. Monitor the migration.

    Monitor the progress of a migration and inspect migration activity logs.

Next Steps