Reconfiguring a VM

When a VM is running in the cloud, you can change the VM's instance type and storage policy by using the Reconfigure Cloud Instance wizard in vSphere vCenter.

Reconfiguring a VM

  1. In vSphere vCenter, select the virtual machine.
  2. Right-click the VM and select Migrate for Google Compute Engine Operations > Reconfigure virtual machine.
  3. Select the Instance Type.
  4. Click Next.
  5. To change the storage policy, select either Write Back or Write Isolation, click Next.

    For more on storage policies, see Understanding and changing storage policies.

  6. Enter the network tags in a comma-separated list, then click Next.

  7. Review the summary. Changes are noted with the small blue icon.

  8. Click Finish. Or, if you instead want to leave the current VM configuration unchanged, click Cancel.

Considerations when changing the storage policy

You can change the storage policy from write-back mode to write-isolation mode and vice versa. A typical reason for changing the storage mode is to prompt an instance from a test environment to production.

If you change the storage policy from write-isolation mode to write-back mode, the data is written back to on-premises. After the data is synchronized, you can then run the VM back on-premises.