Supported monitoring metrics for Memorystore for Memcached

This page lists the metrics available for Memorystore for Memcached, and describes what each metric tracks. These metrics are available in both the Google Cloud console and in Cloud Monitoring.

To learn how to view metrics using Cloud Monitoring, see Monitoring Memcached instances.

Memcached metrics

Cloud Monitoring metric name Google Cloud console metric name Full endpoint URL Description
Active Connections Active Connections Number of active client connections to the Memcached node.
CPU Usage Percent CPU Usage Percent CPU usage percent by Memcached node.
CPU Usage Time CPU Usage Time CPU usage time by Memcached processes, grouped by mode, e.g. user/kernel.
Eviction Count Eviction Count Count of items getting evicted from a Memcached node.
Hit Ratio Hit Ratio Ratio of cache hits to cache misses for the Memcached node excluding set operations. Reported as a percentage.
Items Items Count of items stored in the Memcached node.
Memory Usage
  • Memory Usage
  • Unused Memory The memory usage of all of the nodes in your cluster, broken down by:
  • used memory
  • unused memory
Memcached stores items in memory in chunks and slab classes. Depending on your item size distribution, it's possible that some memory will never be used. See the open source Memcached documentation to understand how memory management works in Memcached.
Operation Count
  • Operation Count
  • Get Operations
  • Set Operations
  • Delete Operations Count of the operations sent to a Memcached node, broken down by the response type:
  • get operations
  • set operations
  • delete operations
Received Bytes Received Bytes Bytes of memory received by the Memcached node from the network. These are the Memcached requests coming from client VMs.
Sent Bytes Sent Bytes Bytes of memory sent by the Memcache node to the network. These are the Memcache responses.
System Memory Utilization System Memory Utilization Shows you what percentage of the total system memory is being used by items in the cache and memory overhead. See System Memory Utilization for more information.
Uptime Uptime How long the Memcached node has been up, in seconds.

Known Issues

  • For the operation_count metric, the gat/gats command currently does not show up in the Google Cloud console or in Cloud Monitoring. OSS Memcached doesn't update its get counters on gat/gats at this point.
  • For the operation_count metric, the touch command does not currently get reported.
  • For the operation_count metric, cas operations are reported under set operations.

What's next