Instance and node properties

This page lists the properties of Memorystore for Memcached instances and nodes, as well as the possible values for those properties.

Instance settings

The following table lists the settings that you can modify for your Memorystore for Memcached instances and nodes.

Setting Possible Values
Instance ID
  • Compose of lowercase letters, numbers, and hyphens.
  • Must start with a letter.
  • Cannot exceed 40 characters.
Display name Optional. The display name of the instance cannot exceed 80 characters.
Labels String key/value pairs. Keys must start with a lowercase character and can contain only hyphens (-), underscores (_), lowercase characters, and numbers.
Network association A network from your project, or a shared VPC network.
Number of nodes 1-20
Cores/vCPUs per node 1 or 2-32 (even values only)
Memory per node Minimum: 1 GB or (0.9 GB * vCPUs per node), whichever is greater.
Maximum: 256 GB.
Region The GCP region in which you want to deploy your instance
Zones Optional. The zone(s) within a region where you want to deploy your node(s).

Output fields

The following tables list the output properties of instances and nodes that you can query to learn about an instance or node. To view these properties, run the following command, replacing the variables with appropriate values:

gcloud memcache instances describe instance-id --region=region
Instance property Description
memcacheFullVersion: Memcached version used in the instance. This is the latest supported version. Current supported minor version is 1.5.16.

Instances can be in the following states:
  • Creating : Instance is being created.
  • Ready: Instance is ready to be used in Memcached clients.
  • Deleting: Instance is being deleted.
User designated zones in which nodes are provisioned.

Node property Description
nodeID: Auto-generated ID of the Memcached node used to view node-level metrics in Google Cloud's operations suite.

Nodes can be in the following states:
  • Creating : Node is being created.
  • Ready: Node is ready to be used in Memcached clients. If a node is undergoing a repair by the Memorystore for Memcached system, that state will not be reflected here.
  • Deleting: Node is being deleted.
The GCP zone where the node is located.
port: Node port. This value is always 11211 for all nodes.

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