Quotas and limits

This page provides details on the limits that apply to using Cloud Logging.

Logging usage limits

Category Maximum value
Size of a log entry 256 KB1
Size of an entries.write request 10 MB1
Number of entries.write API calls 60,000 per minute, per project2
Number of entries.list API calls 1 per second, per project
Number of projects or other resource names in a single entries.list API call 100
Export sinks 200 per project
Exclusion queries 50 per sink
Logs Buckets 10 per project

1 This approximate limit is based on internal data sizes, not the actual REST API request size.

2 Using log exclusions does not reduce this number because logs are excluded after the entries.write call is made.

Logs-based metrics

Category Maximum value
Length of label value 1,024 bytes
Length of label description 800 bytes
Length of metric description 8,000 bytes
Active time series1 per metric 30,000
Metric descriptors per project 500
Histogram buckets per custom distribution metric 200

1A time series is active if you have written data points to it within the last 24 hours.

Logging API quotas and limits

Category Maximum value
API usage To view your quotas, go to the API dashboard. Click an API and select Quotas.
Lifetime of API page tokens 24 hours

Requesting more Cloud Logging API quota

You can request higher Logging API limits using the Google Cloud Console:

  1. In the Quotas page, use the checkboxes to select Cloud Logging API, then click EDIT QUOTAS.

    Billing must be enabled on the project in order to click the checkboxes.

  2. In the Edit Quotas panel, complete the form with your Name, Email , and Phone details, then click Next.

  3. In the Edit Quotas panel, select the service to expand the view, then edit the quotas in that service to your requested limit. Click Done.

  4. Click Submit request.

The other limits described on this page are fixed.

For more information, go to Working with quotas.

Logs retention periods

Log type Default retention period Custom retention Logs bucket
Admin Activity audit logs 400 days
Not configurable _Required
System Event audit logs 400 days
Not configurable _Required
Access Transparency logs 400 days
Not configurable _Required
Data Access audit logs 30 days
Configurable _Default
All other logs 30 days
Configurable _Default

For logs buckets with a configurable retention period, you can configure Cloud Logging to retain your logs between 1 day and 3650 days. For details, see Storing logs: Custom retention.