Add project-level permissions

If your project enables document-level access control, you need to give your admin account, as well as your users' project-level permissions.

  1. Add user.

  2. Enter your admin's email and choose Document Admin as the access level and save.

  3. For other users, you can add them as:

    • Document admin: A role with full access to all the documents in the project, including uploading documents, viewing, editing, and deleting all documents regardless of the document owners. In addition, document admins can change the permissions of all the documents.
    • Document editor: A role with viewing and editing permissions to all documents, but is not able to create and delete documents in the project. Document editors cannot change permissions of documents as well.
    • Document viewer: A role with only the viewing permissions to all documents. Document viewers cannot create, edit, delete, and change permissions of documents.
    • Document creator: A role with only document uploading permissions. Document creators have full permissions to the documents they upload, but no other permissions to any other documents unless they get explicit permissions for those documents.
  4. The email can be either a single user email or a group email. Choose Group in the type when specifying a group email.