Edit and delete documents in Google Cloud console

You can manage your own cloud data through Google Cloud console.

Editing properties of a document

After creating a schema and uploading documents in your project, you can edit the properties of a document.

  1. If your project has document-level access control, make sure you have Document Admin or Document Creator access control to edit the properties of the document.
  2. On the documents page, click on the document that you want to view or edit the properties of.

You should see two tabs in the left section:

  • DocAI Entity: These are the Document AI processor generated entities which are currently not editable.
  • Property: These contain the Document AI Warehouse properties, which are defined in your document schema.
  1. Click on the Property tab, which has two sections:

    • General Properties: These are available for every document and contain fixed details such as document ID, create time, modified time, schema (parser) details, type of document, and number of pages.
    • Custom Properties: These are properties defined in the schema. Users can edit the properties based on their type.

  2. Edit the values of the properties based on its type and click Save.

Delete documents on the same page

You can now delete multiple documents from a browser table page.

  1. Go to the documents page
  2. Select one or more documents from the table, then click Delete.

  3. A box should appear asking for your confirmation.

  4. Click Confirm, and the documents should be deleted and removed from the table.