Process documents with a Document AI processor

This document describes how to update existing documents with newly processed results from another Document AI processor.

Current limitations

The ProcessWithDocAi pipeline can only work with documents that have been processed using a Document AI processor.

Configure schema mapping in document schema (admin only)

The Set schemas with mapping document describes how to configure properties of a Document AI Warehouse schema to be mapped with extracted entities from Document AI. You can follow Add schemas to set up the schema.

Process documents

After setting up the schema, do the following to process the document.

  1. Open documents page.

  2. Select one or more documents from the table, then click Reprocess.

  3. Provide the Processor endpoint of the Document AI processor you want use to process your documents.

  4. Fill in Export file path and Processed Document Output folder.

  5. Click Reprocess, then you can find the processing details on the Job detail page.