Example templates from the Cloud Foundation Toolkit

To speed up creating your deployments, use these production-ready templates from the Cloud Foundation Toolkit Project.

The Cloud Foundation Toolkit provides reference templates for Deployment Manager that follow Google Cloud's best practices. You can use these templates to quickly build a repeatable, enterprise-ready deployment in Google Cloud. Learn more about the Cloud Foundation Toolkit project.

These templates use Google Cloud type providers, using the syntax type: gcp-types/[PROVIDER]:[RESOURCE].

For information on the syntax used in these examples, see the syntax reference, and the supported Google Cloud type providers.

Resource Description
Autoscaler Create a Compute Engine autoscaler.
Backend Service Create a global or regional backend service.
Bastion Host Create a bastion host, which you can use to access other servers in the same network.
BigQuery Create a BigQuery dataset and table.
Cloud Functions Create a Cloud Functions function.
Cloud Router Create a Cloud Router.
Spanner Create a Spanner instance and database.
Cloud SQL Create a Cloud SQL instance with databases and users.
Cloud Tasks Create a Cloud Tasks task and task queue.
Dataproc Create a Dataproc cluster.
Cloud DNS managed zone Create a managed zone in Cloud DNS.
Cloud DNS records Create Cloud DNS records using recordsets.
External Load Balancer Create an HTTP(S), SSL Proxy, or TCP Proxy external load balancer.
Firewall rules Create firewall rules for your network.
Folder Create a folder in an organization, or in a parent folder.
Forwarding rule Create a forwarding rule for your network.
Cloud Storage bucket Create a Cloud Storage bucket.
Google Kubernetes Engine cluster Create a GKE cluster.
Compute Engine instance with HAProxy Create a Compute Engine instance and install HAProxy on it.
Health check Create a health check for a Compute Engine load balancer.
IAM custom role Create a custom IAM custom role for an organization or project.
IAM role bindings Grant IAM roles for a project.
Compute Engine VM instance Create a Compute Engine VM instance.
Compute Engine instance template Create a Compute Engine VM instance template.
Cloud Interconnect Create a Cloud Interconnect resource.
Cloud Interconnect attachment Create a Cloud Interconnect attachment.
Internal load balancer Create an internal load balancer that includes a forwarding rule and regional backend service.
Reserved IP address Create a global, external, or internal reserved IP address.
Cloud Key Management Service Create a Cloud KMS keyring and keys.
Cloud Logging sink Create a Cloud Logging sink.
Compute Engine managed instance group Create a Compute Engine managed instance group.
High availability NAT gateway Create a high-availability NAT gateway based on the number of regions that you choose.
Network Create a network, with optional subnetworks.
Project factory Create a new project with a billing account, IAM permissions, service accounts, and more default resources.
Pub/Sub Create a Pub/Sub topic and subscription.
Resource policy Create a resource policy.
Route Create a route to define a path from a VM instance to a specific destination.
Runtime Configurator Create a Runtime Configurator with a variable and waiter.
Shared VPC - IAM roles Grant IAM roles to a user on a shared VPC network.
SSL Certificate Create an SSL certificate.
Cloud Monitoring metric descriptor Create a Monitoring metric descriptor.
Target proxy Create a target proxy for HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, or SSL.
URL map Create a URL map.
Cloud VPN Create a Cloud VPN.